Terms & conditions


1.1. The Shipper carries out house-to-house shipping orders in the European Union. The exact itinerary depends on the actual pickup and delivery locations.
1.2. Our services are available in the areas and regions that are listed under the Shipping Routes menu. However, we are also available for transport in the entire EU, for price quotes, please contact us.
1.3. Prices are gross prices; the default currency is GBP. The exchange information on our website is only for information purposes, the transport fee will be calculated based on the daily exchange rate of the GBP.
1.4. The time of delivery is between 2-12 days, depending on the distance of the sender/addressee.
1.5. There are 3 payment methods for our services:
– In advance: you can pay the shipping agent in cash at the time of pickup.
– Afterwards: you can pay the shipping agent in cash at the time of delivery. – this option is available only when our own staff members personally make the delivery.
– bank transfer: this payment option is only available for small or large businesses.


2.1. Shipping orders are placed through the Internet (www.fuvarozasmanchester.co.uk) and the Sender gets a copy of the Shipping Agreement and Receipt through email.
2.2. By placing a shipping order, Sender and Shipper enter into a legal contract.
2.3.To cancel an order is free of charge online before 5 days of the Current Shipping Plan’s start date. The late cancellation fee is £20
2.4. The Shipper reserves the right to change the shipping arrangement if necessary. There could be several causes: bank holiday, customs check, bad weather, illness, unforeseen events etc.
2.5. If you place an order over the telephone, an extra £10 administration fee will apply.
2.6 An additional 30p / kilometer fee will apply if the package pickup location or drop off point is not on Fuvarozas Manchester normal transport route.


3.1. The time of pickup is determined by the Shipper during the shipment plan period, between 0-24 hours. This is due to the fact that our vans deliver and pick up packages according to their geographical locations. Due to different traffic conditions, the exact arrival of the van cannot be determined in advance. Therefore, we always call the sender and the recipient a few hours prior to arrival in order to arrange the meeting.
3.2. The Shipper collects the package from the Sender only after confirming the data within and signing of a copy of the Shipping Contract. The price calculated at the time of order can be modified at the time of pickup, see point 3.9.
3.3. The Sender is required to provide all necessary information and also required to inform the Shipper about any special shipping conditions that applies to the given package.
3.4. Any mistakes incurred by filling out the Shipping Contract incorrectly is the responsibility of the Sender.
3.5./a Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Benelux countries, Germany, Austria: The Shipper collects the package for transport in an unopened, intact state without examining the content of the package and delivers it to the Sender in an unopened, intact state without examining the content of the package.
3.5/b Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Western Transylvania (Romania): The shipper collects the package in an undamaged, intact state only after examining the content of the package
3.6. To verify the pickup, the 3rd copy of the Shipping Contract – signed by both parties- will remain with the Sender.
3.7. The Shipper reserves the right to change the shipping arrangement if necessary. There could be several causes: bank holiday, customs check, bad weather, illness, unforeseen events etc.
3.8. The Shipper is obligated to warn the Sender if the packaging does not comply with shipping regulations or the packaging is damaged. If the Sender does not take care of the packaging sufficiently, the Sender will take a note of that on the bill of freight and this will void all further complaints. In extreme cases, the Shipping Agent can refuse to ship the package!
Packaging recommended by the Shipper: box, luggage, sport bag.
The Shipper refuses to ship any shipment without proper packaging or shipment that is packaged in plastic trash/garbage bag – no exception.
Proper packaging is provided by the Shipper for a fee with the sender’s prior written request. The fee of this service differs case by case. The cost calculation is based on the packaging time required and the price of packaging material used.
3.9. During pickup our carriers and shipping agents can modify the calculated price depending on the weight and size of the package if the actual cargo differs from what’s on the order form. A 1m3 package will need to have a weight of at least 75kg. If this is not the case, our shipping agent will calculate the price based on the volume (cubic capacity) of the package in accordance with the following: 1m3 = 250EU.
3.10 . To protect the standard of the courier packaged goods to be transported to a maximum weight of 30 kg.
3.11 . The contents of the package is required , as the car undergoes partial customs clearance .
3.12 . Over 50kg require the customer to ensure the movement of goods to be transported , that is assisting the person to call .
3.13 . In case of pallet transport the pallets to move the applicator and the landfill can be provided by the client.


04.01 . The date of the delivery by the Carrier the right to define periods candidate in the current delivery schedule, 0-24 . This is due to the delivery trucks in a row, collecting and delivering it , and for traffic issues can not be calculated in advance the arrival of the car according to the geographical location of the address .
04.02 . After the carrier has supplied the goods via following general and special instructions, he must give a receipt  to the recipient .
04.03 . If the packaging is visibly damaged by the Carrier testing also allows the time of delivery of content , and the results recorded in the Protocol sets together for the recipient to the settlement .
04.04 . As proof of service signed by both parties, three copies of the contract and receipt for the delivery .


05.01 . The Carrier shipment to the recruitment company for shipment to delivery . This ensures that in case of fault of the carrier damages ( damage to the package , partial or complete loss or destruction of ) the Carrier shall pay compensation in favor of the Sender to the following points:
05.02 . The shipping insurance option price depends on the package value, will be 15 pounds per 200 pounds .
03.05 . The maximum guaranteed value 2,000 pounds. In case of claim payments, the rate of compensation set by the consignor half the value , but max. 2,000 pounds.
04.05 . Carrier’s claim for compensation over 1,000 pounds of 50% in cash and 50 % of service credited in favor of the sender.


06.01 . If the recipient of the parcel of port of call is not available , then the Carrier shall not go ahead.
06.02 . If the recipient is not available by phone prior to delivery , the Carrier shall not go ahead.
06.03 . If delivery failed – eg . If the recipient refuses to accept the goods because of lack of interest – the carrier of the shipment is returned to the sender . Then the shipping fee must be paid again.
06.04 . If the return should fail, the Carrier is entitled over a consignment freely or sell it. In this case, the Carrier does not belong to either the Sender or any third parties to be responsible. The proceeds will be primarily accounted for eligible costs incurred while the remaining amount shall be returned to the Sender.

7 contents of the consignment

07.01 . From the contents of the package is always the Customer and Distribution assume legal responsibility.
07.02 . The price list from different packages and shipments of larger quantities and pricing cases.
07.03 . Oversized packages and packaging in case the Carrier 20 % additional cost .
07.04 . Carrier does not deliver fire and explosive , perishable , infectious , disgusting merchandise , fire and firearm robbannószert ground traces , of special value goods, excise goods , illegal and hazardous materials and products.


08.01 . Pre-financing: Our company provides the opportunity to price the product to be purchased by the customer’s finances and can deliver the product to the customer upon request. The option price will depend on the value of the product , ie the size of the pre-financing . General tarfia 5 % of the purchase price + shipping cost. This option is only available if the staff goes out of their address , and the course of events our headquarters agreed in advance by phone .
08.02 . Empty box: If you do not know what to pack your bags , we can provide box .
8.3. Administration Fee: If your order is done online then there is no fee , but by telephone, SMS, email or in person, you will be charged an administrative fee .
8.4. Extra mile : If the shipment or delivery location  is not the in the catchment area there will be an additional fee


9.1. We wish to inform you that fuvarozasmanchester.co.uk store all your personal information under the Data Protection Act .
9.2. Data management as we commit ourselves to the fact that users publish a clear , unambiguous statement of awareness and the inclusion of any data , recording and managing before advising him of the data recording method, purpose and principles .
9.3. In any case , if the data provided are intended for use other than the original purpose of data collection purposes , it shall inform the user , and to obtain prior consent , and we offer the opportunity to prohibit their use .
09.04 . We commit ourselves to take care of the security of data , we will take all technical and organizational measures to ensure that the recorded data stored or handled should be protected, and prevent their destruction, or unauthorized use . We commit ourselves to the fact that any third party’s attention is drawn to this direction fulfill the commitments whose data may be transmitted .
9.5. The data are solely the fuvarozasmanchester.co.uk services please diffusion and conduct, manage and store . Does not provide to any third party without the prior consent of the data subject between any lines either.


0 – 10kg = max. 55.000ccm
11 = 15kg max. 75.000ccm
16 = 20kg max. 100.000ccm
21 – 25kg max = 125.000ccm
26 = 30kg max. 150.000ccm
31 = 35kg max. 175.000ccm